October 13, 2015

Are You Working with the Aging-at-Home Movement—or Against It?

How is your retirement community working with the aging-at-home movement?

Are you collaborating with the hundreds of thousands of boomers and seniors who want to stay in their homes rather than move to a retirement community? Or are you resisting them?

Two sides of the same coin

The aging-at-home movement and the current retirement residence living model are two sides of the same coin; they are not mutually exclusive. If the retirement residence industry perceives them as such, it will be sabotaging itself because the aging-at-home movement is the zeitgeist. It is the spirit of the times for many reasons and to work against it rather than with it would be a mistake.

Lifelong Communities

How can you do so? The Lifelong Communities concept integrates today’s model of suburban retirement home into suburban redevelopments so that it is part of a range of housing options for older adults. Revera’s acquisition of Comcare provides medical care and resources to seniors still living at home while building a relationship of trust with these future residents. The Mather Lifeways Café model in the United States is a restaurant attached to retirement residences that provides great food plus many recreational programs including language classes, Pilates and digital photography. It attracts 50+ adults and increases residence reach into the local community.

Hitchin’ a ride

Another way to reach out is in the area of transit. Many boomers and seniors don’t want to live in suburban, all-inclusive residences where they’d feel stranded and dependent on your shuttle bus to take them to specific off-site events. Collaborate with transit companies and develop a system that makes residents independently mobile so they can go wherever they choose. Extend this transit program to assist seniors still living at home and they will remember you when it’s time to move.

There are as many options as your imagination and seniors’ needs can inspire. And there’s no time like now to get started!


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