New Tool for Professional Care Managers: LivHOME CAREMONITOR™

Professional care managers can use LivHOME CareMonitor™ to monitor seniors via the web, maintaining independence and safety. Read more…

SERC Presents Chronicles of Future’s Past

The Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) invites you to learn about the world’s supercentenarians through “Chronicles of Future’s Past”, a photography exhibit by Jerry Friedman. The exhibit runs from Friday September 21 – Friday October 5. Read more…

Report: 50 and Over: What’s Next?

The oldest members of the first ‘youth’ generation, the boomers, have spent their lives transforming every aspect of popular culture. That means we all have a vested interest in what they’ll do next. A new report from AARP called, “50 and Over: What’s Next?” takes a closer look at what marketers can learn about this […]

Will Future Innovations and Societal Changes Lead to Industry Obsolescence?

Sadly, when you think about it, the private pay service-enriched sector of the seniors housing and health care industry is not that far from obsolescence now, if you define obsolescence as selling something no one wants. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration because some people do want we are selling, or at least […]

The Future of the Retirement Residence Industry

Where is the retirement residence industry going? What is its future—and ours? The question is on everyone’s mind given the growing aging-in-place movement, boomers who may choose other alternatives and seniors whose budgets require more modestly priced options. To discover how we can attract the residents of the future, we asked Elaine Wood (Delmanor Seniors […]

Seniors tell Comfort Life what they want in retirement residence living

Comfort Life recently held a focus group with members of a local older adult centre and I wanted to share with you some of their responses. Seniors ranged in age from mid 80s to 92 and included men and women. They were asked for their feedback on the 2011 issue of Comfort Life magazine—including a […]

What kind of boomers will your future residents be—and what will they want?

Michael Adams, co-founder of Environics and author of the recent book, “Stayin’ Alive: How Canadian baby boomers will work, play and find meaning in the second half of their adult lives,” spoke at the ORCA/OLTCA conference earlier this month. Adams outlined the four different types of boomers that he calls, “tribes”. The first two are […]

Trillium Health Centre unveils vision for seniors’ health and wellness complex

Comfort Life Media recently spoke to Janet Davidson, O.C., President and CEO, Trillium Health Centre, about Trillium’s vision for its future seniors’ health and wellness complex and how it will provide new housing and care options for Toronto seniors and their families. How will Trillium Health Centre’s seniors health and wellness complex compare to many […]

Research opens doors for seniors

Great things are afoot in Waterloo, Ont. Under the direction of Dr. Mike Sharratt, the Research Institute for Aging (RIA), an independent institute affiliated with the University of Waterloo (UW), is doing some very progressive work in seniors’ care. The institute receives generous funding support from Ron Schlegel, owner and operator of retirement and long-term […]

Retirement Residence Trends for 2011

People love Top 10 lists. I love them myself. An American blog called Senior Housing News just released its Top 10 trends for the industry in the U.S. and I thought it would be interesting to reflect on one or two of their choices from a Canadian perspective. If you don’t pay attention to retirement […]

The Hallmark of Abbotsford is community

It was easy to be moved by Hallmark Retirement Corporation’s presentation on community involvement at last month’s BCSLA conference. The sincerity of owner Stan Hindmarsh and his Abbotsford, B.C. team was evident in what they shared with us including the importance they place on staff well-being, their experiences in Guatemala where residents and staff work […]

Switching on brain and body to slow aging

Brain Gym and More program shows benefits quickly as residents see themselves improving You can tell as you enter the recreation room that the residents are having fun. It’s not just their bodies they’re exercising but their brains too. Balloons are flying through the air, batted about by seniors armed with rackets made from wire […]

Retirement Planning Association of Canada: Conference Highlights

The Retirement Planning Association of Canada (RPAC) takes a holistic view of retirement by integrating both its financial and lifestyle aspects. Their conference this month reflected that broad focus with an excellent and varied roster of presenters including Dr. Amy D’Aprix, gerontologist and advisor to BMO Financial Group who spoke about the three stages of […]

Comfort Life Relaunch – Meeting of the Minds Nov 2010

Since 2001, Comfort Life – Canada’s Guide To Retirement Communities, has been helping seniors find retirement homes that meet their needs. This year marks a shift in the vision of Comfort Life with the changes in the landscape of media and marketing. Here’s a glimpse at what’s to come. We hope you’ll join us. Below […]