Are You Working with the Aging-at-Home Movement—or Against It?

How are you working with the aging-at-home movement? Are you collaborating with boomers and seniors who are staying in their homes or are you in denial?

How to ‘get social’ on social media

Getting social on social media is all about talking to your customers and having an authentic conversation day after day. Here’s how it works.

Eight ways to optimize your Comfort Life profile

Your Comfort Life profile will help bring prospects to your door if you take full advantage of what it offers. Here’s what to do.

How to build authentic relationships with boomers and seniors

How can you build relationships with boomers that will keep you top of mind when they are looking for retirement living options? Give it to them straight and make their lives easier by following these tips.

Do Retirement Home Communities Need a Social Media Strategy?

Many Retirement Home Community Directors, particularly in Sales & Marketing, continue to ask me – Why do I need a Social Media Strategy?   After all, most businesses have already implemented an effective online web presence – is that not sufficient?  Not today, as the mountain of evidence continues to build towards the conclusion that Retirement […]

WEBINAR: How to get media attention for your retirement community

To reach seniors and boomers in today’s cluttered marketplace you need to understand—and know how to work with—the media. If they’re listening to your message you can be sure that your prospects are too. This webinar will show you how the media thinks and what they want. You will learn how to construct a successful […]

Presentation: Online & Social Media Marketing for Retirement Homes

Developing an internet and online marketing strategy is critical for every business. This presentation outlines an online marketing strategy with examples of how to implement it for your retirement community. Learn about how to optimize your website with some SEO tips, and social media can help you increase awareness and traffic.

10 Ways to Market to Boomers

Demographers have likened Baby Boomers to a “pig moving through a python,” accounting for one-third of America’s population. More than 78-million strong, the post-World War II generation has long been one of the most profitable consumer demographics, a trend that isn’t likely to slow as retirement nears. They’re a generation that never gives in, whether […]

Report: Engaging Facebook Fans Attracts Friends of Fans

Most businesses agree that word of mouth marketing is most effective at recruiting new and loyal clients, but many retirement communities and senior care organizations do not realize that social media is the new word of mouth. When a brand focuses on acquiring and engaging fans on Facebook, it can benefit from a significant secondary […]

The Mum Who Seems to Please

To make that unerring assessment that will guarantee a successful placement in your retirement community you need to recognize the various archetypes of potential residents. You need to develop the ‘antennae’ of a good marketer so that you can determine who will be a good fit. Last time we looked at the “tire-kicker”. Today we’ll […]

Understand your prospects’ psyches to convert them into residents

They’re called community outreach, family liaison or lifestyle consultants but we all know what that means—“marketing manager.” Hey, it’s an easy job—all you need is a PhD in human resources, labour law, psychology, public relations and finance! As well as a kit bag of professional skills, good markers develop special antennae that help them quickly […]

10 reasons you should be blogging right now

Is blogging worthwhile? If you do it, you know it is. If you don’t, take a look at these stats from HubSpots’ data analysis of 1,531 company websites: 55% more website visitors 97% more inbound links (great for SEO) 434% more indexed pages in Google Can’t afford the time to blog? You can’t afford not […]

Out into your community

Seniors not coming to you? Take your services to the senior. This strategy works with cabbages and corn at farmers’ markets and politicians of all stripes at election time. So why not for retirement residence operators that want to win trust in their own communities? Look at the economic situation to day. A retirement home […]

Aging-in-place: Threat or marketing opportunity?

A SWOT analysis, identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats, is often used in developing the marketing strategy for an individual community. The aging-in-place concept should definitely be viewed as a threat to the traditional senior living community industry. This phenomenon is clearly gaining traction and all indications are that this stated preference will become even […]