iPads in Senior Housing: Useful or Frustrating?

Laurie Orlov examines the hype surrounding the usefulness of iPads for senior housing residents by looking at the possibilities, and possible frustrations for seniors using the devices and for the administration and staff who would be helping them. Hype alert — for senior housing residents — iPads may both amaze and confound.  Caution — this […]

Who will buy all the useful technology for seniors—and by what date?

We always hear that seniors are adapting to technology at a very healthy rate but are they really? And if they are, how can residences best take advantage of it?

Going online for fun and diversion – what’s that mean, anyway?

Pew Research asks about the Internet and ‘fun’. New this month: The Internet as Diversion and Destination, offering the results of a survey about the use of the Internet, with answers by age to a question: “Did you go ever go online for no particular reason, just for fun, or to pass the time?” They also […]

Does today’s tech alienate the elderly?

Laurie M. Orlov, a tech industry veteran, writer, speaker, and certified long-term care ombudsman, is founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch, covering technologies and related services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice.       Listening to professors talk about computers and the elderly. For the past […]

Research opens doors for seniors

Great things are afoot in Waterloo, Ont. Under the direction of Dr. Mike Sharratt, the Research Institute for Aging (RIA), an independent institute affiliated with the University of Waterloo (UW), is doing some very progressive work in seniors’ care. The institute receives generous funding support from Ron Schlegel, owner and operator of retirement and long-term […]

Smart technology eases aging in place

Good news for seniors who want to stay on in their residences even though their health is declining Exactly where is the “place” in the oft-repeated phrase “aging in place”? Depends on who is using the word. To the federal government, it means a person’s home. For some provinces, the “place” is their community. Ontario’s […]

Switching on brain and body to slow aging

Brain Gym and More program shows benefits quickly as residents see themselves improving You can tell as you enter the recreation room that the residents are having fun. It’s not just their bodies they’re exercising but their brains too. Balloons are flying through the air, batted about by seniors armed with rackets made from wire […]

Seven questions to ask before buying software for seniors

There’s a pervasive notion that older people can’t, or don’t want to, use computers. Facebook fan pages, the Lifestyle section of many newspapers and guests at cocktail parties can all be counted on for stories of a senior messing up online. The reality, however, isn’t so clear-cut. Given the opportunity, seniors can and do use […]

Microcasting TV Systems

Get ready for your close-up! Microcasting, broadcasting customized content on a dedicated TV channel within your residence, is an easy-to-use technology that promises to improve resident satisfaction, free staff time and generate revenue. As the Internet makes it possible to deliver content via the web and vendors offer near turn-key solutions that make technical requirements […]