October 10, 2015

Chartwell REIT celebrates staff with a new book

At last year’s BCSLA conference, plenary speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers (“Uniquely Speaking Inc.”) talked about the importance of promoting staff by showing a video of an amazing housekeeper.

She was so proud of her work, of having prepared thousands of guest rooms during her career and she was so full of warmth. Even more memorable was her incredible smile.

I knew it wasn’t possible but I was wishing that she would pop out from behind a curtain right then and there. If she had, she’d probably have gotten a standing ovation followed by several bear hugs.

That’s the power of great staff, of great team members—they light up the room. And they can be found in every retirement community. They are the people who make residents feel loved, cared for and at home and whose kindness and professionalism reassures family members that mom or dad will be OK. Their dedication is phenomenal and should be celebrated.

“People Making a Difference”

Chartwell REIT recently published their second annual book that does just that called, “People Making a Difference.”   It features the stories of 21 remarkable employees and is available in all Chartwell residences and long-term care homes.

The book celebrates everyone from Hattie Foote in Food Services who spends her spare time as a live-in guardian at a home for young, unwed mothers in Alberta, to seven-year-old Jay Newman, a “Volunteer in Training” in LaSalle, Ontario. Jay handwrote his application letter to be the Activity Manager’s assistant. It said in part, “my experience is limited to piano, hockey and t-ball but I have a special love of old people and always like to help.”

“The Insider”

At Comfort Life we are looking forward to featuring one of these staff members in a new column on The Pulse of Comfort Life blog called, “The Insider: Life Inside a Retirement Community.”

The column will feature snap-shots of the wonderful, everyday moments that take place inside residences—the water-cooler stories that we need to share with future residents and their families.

Get in touch by sending us your “insider”. It could be a sweet moment between a staff member and a resident, a new initiative that has made life better, or a memorable outing. It could even be a series of photos and captions from a birthday party, or a video. Send it along and we’ll share it with Canadian seniors and their families. It’s a great way to celebrate your staff and to make seniors and their families eager to walk in your door.

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