September 1, 2015

Dialogue+’s Editorial Advisory Board

Members of the editorial advisory board assist in the selection of issue themes, advise on the general scope and direction of the magazine, and suggest potential features and writers. They also support the magazine by promoting it and encouraging their colleagues in the retirement residence community to contribute to, distribute and read Dialogue.

We welcome cross-Canada representation. If you’d be interested to get involved, please contact the editor by e-mail or by phone (905-272-1843)


Meet our current Editorial Advisory Board

Phil McKenzie
Senior Vice President
Chartwell Senior Housing REIT
Elisa Prashad
Marketing Director
Origin Active Lifestyle Communities
Karen Kotanko
Sales and Marketing Consultant
Al MacPherson
Vice President Operations
Marlene Williams
Executive Director
British Columbia Seniors Living Association
Elena Randall
Consultant Dietician
Donna Holwell
Owner and Managing Director
Lord Dufferin Centre/Past President ORCA
Laurie Johnston
Executive Director
Robyn Knezic
Executive Director
Delmanor Northtown
Lynn Webster
Executive Director
The Claremont Retirement Residence
Heather Green
Greenhouse Marketing & Communications
Colin LeBrun Colin LeBrun
Director of Business Development