October 10, 2015

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Dialogue Plus magazine and DialoguePlus.ca are for you — to share your insights and viewpoints with your peers. We accept story or column proposals and presentations on any topic related to the retirement residence industry. We are particularly interested in submissions relevant to the following eight topics:

  • Residence Communities
  • Environment & Design
  • Industry News & Research
  • Management & Leadership
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Health & Wellness

If you have a story idea that you feel strongly about but that doesn’t fit one of these topic areas, feel free to get in touch as well.
Please consider submitting to Dialogue Plus if you are an owner, administrator, staff member or someone interested in retirement industry issues. Articles are published online and in e-newsletters throughout the entire year. Below are details on submitting proposals for our annual print magazine.

Please send all proposals for the magazine, website and e-newsletter to: editor@dialogueplus.ca


Now accepting article proposal submissions for Dialogue Plus Magazine 2012

We welcome your ideas and article proposals on how to reinvent the retirement residence industry, our new theme for the 2012 issue of Dialogue Plus. With threats to the current retirement residence model advancing from all sides, the need for strategies and innovations that will reinvigorate the sector is more urgent than ever.

Read more on how the retirement industry can creatively address the issue of reinvention.

Spring 2012 issue: Re-imagining the retirement residence industry

How is your residence community responding to the aging-in-place at home movement? How are you addressing the worry many seniors have that they cannot afford to live in residences such as yours? What strategies can you share about attracting the boomer market—many of whom have no interest in living in residences whose location moves them away from their current centre of influence?

Submit your ideas & article proposals on Re-imagining the Retirement Residence Industry. For example:

  • Beat the aging-in-place movement at its own game.
  • Re-invent your traditional age-denominated community to attract a new market.
  • Yes, you can offer one-of-a-kind amenities at a lower price point.


  • an article proposal for the print magazine
  • an article, blog post or column for our website
  • a presentation, video, podcast or photo gallery
  • an e-newsletter article

Do you have an article idea that fits with this theme? Proposals for Dialogue Plus should be brief—one type-written page or less—and include your full name; current position; work or home email address, work telephone number; and a brief bio that includes any qualifications.Email your interest and article proposals to editor@dialogueplus.ca.


We are accepting proposals for the 2012 edition of Dialogue Plus until June 17, 2011. All articles received after June 17 will still be considered for publication online and in the e-newsletter throughout the year.

Editorial procedure

Our Editorial Advisory Board reviews all proposal submissions for the print Dialogue Plus magazine. All reference to your identity or organization will be removed from article proposals prior to reviewing. After notification of your article acceptance, the editor will work with you to establish a detailed article outline, finalize the length and deadline details before you proceed with the actual writing. The subsequent editing process will involve at least one more conversation and copy-edit. We will do our best to reply to all proposals in a timely fashion.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet our Editorial Advisory Board

Members of the editorial advisory board assist in the selection of issue themes, review and provide feedback on article proposals, and suggest potential feature articles and writers. Meet our team.