Report: 50 and Over: What’s Next?

The oldest members of the first ‘youth’ generation, the boomers, have spent their lives transforming every aspect of popular culture. That means we all have a vested interest in what they’ll do next. A new report from AARP called, “50 and Over: What’s Next?” takes a closer look at what marketers can learn about this […]

Will Future Innovations and Societal Changes Lead to Industry Obsolescence?

Sadly, when you think about it, the private pay service-enriched sector of the seniors housing and health care industry is not that far from obsolescence now, if you define obsolescence as selling something no one wants. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration because some people do want we are selling, or at least […]

Canadian gay retirement community planned for west coast

Five years from now, Dean Malone hopes to be drinking coffee in a terrific restaurant within the upscale gay retirement complex he is planning. That’s how long the chief executive officer of Plum Living expects it will take to convert the files on his desk into a pioneering development that brings together lifestyle, choice and […]

If it’s 12:30, it must be lunch

Time for menu makeovers, dining room ambience, and culinary refinements. Directors of care know; so do most executive directors; corporate decision-makers should know: It’s all about the dining room experience. If the dining room is the heart of the retirement residence, its social and nurture centre, then what happens there three times a day determines […]

The road to hospitality

The retirement industry should look to hotels and cruise ships for models of service It starts with that early morning walk through the building. Does everything look presentable? At any retirement community, the General Manager plays a big part in setting the tone for the day, not only talking the talk but also walking the […]

But first, the silent generation

Don’t forget to prepare for the smaller, lower-profile generation now nearing your door Ever heard of the “Silent Generation”? It’s the one everyone seems to have forgotten about. As retirement industry professionals, we had better get this generation clearly into our sights. The next wave to hit our industry is made up of these Depression […]

Beyond Bingo

Some social movements evolve slowly, passing just under the radar for so long that by the time we do take notice, they’ve already become entrenched in our culture. The “greening” of our society is a prime example; environmental issues have moved from media headlines into our homes. And this growing awareness is just the tip […]